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The Buyer Assistants Difference

We are negotiators, and our goal is to save you money when you're buying property. So, we've decided to only charge a portion of what we save you. That way you know we will always be working in your best interest. Guaranteed savings or its free.

Our Pricing

What our customers have said

  • "I recently purchased an apartment in Brisbane with the help of Will at Buyer Assistants. He helped us to determine the real value of the property, and guided me in my dealings with the seller. With Will's insights we were actually able to negotiate the price down by $40,000!! I will definitely be recommending Buyer Assistants to my friends and family."

    Peta Mason
  • "I honestly would have been lost without the help of these guys. My partner and I had so many unanswered questions and felt a little in over our head buying a unit. Our negotiator from Buyer Assistants actually recommended we didn’t buy the unit we were interested in because it wasn’t worth close to what the owners wanted. We eventually got a brand new unit near Brisbane city and we are moving in next week!"

    Andrew Coorey
  • "I had 3 investment properties and was looking for my 4th this year. I hadn’t purchased in Brisbane before with most of my properties being closer to home. The whole process with Buyer Assistants showed me insights into the suburbs and properties I wouldn’t normally get, and I have a lot more confidence in my investment choice than any previous property I’ve purchased. Plus, I got it at a great price so I’m pretty happy about that."

    Alex Morrison

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Expert Advice

The qualified opinion of experienced real estate agents who have bought and sold hundreds of properties.


Average Savings

The average amount saved for Australian property buyers compared to the property's listed price.

Personal Negotiator

Representation by experience

Negotiators are made, not born. That's why we get better results than untrained negotiators.


Analysis & Reports

See the behind-the-scenes reports used by real estate agents that are used to value properties and form insightful perspectives.


Inspections & Finance

We know the most reliable and best value businesses to do your pre-purchase inspections and assist with conveyancing.


Timely & Personable

We come to you at a time that best suits you, making buying property as easy as possible.

Our Services

A portion of all profits donated to


How do I use a Buyer Assistant?


Find your property

The exciting part

Only you can decide what property feels like your future home, or what property best fits your investment strategy. Find the property you like then let us handle the rest.


Contact us

Share your goals

We'll meet at the best time & date that suits you—our shout for coffees and we'll discuss your property wants. You'll hear exactly what we do for you, what steps we will take to secure you that property, and our prices.


We Do The Research

Let us do the hard yards

By investigating property history, current market conditions, future predictions, suburb growth trends, and nearby sales we can create an accurate evaluation of the property so you don't pay too much.


We Negotiate

Always Keeping you in the loop

Each agent has negotiated the purchase of hundreds of properties and are trained in achieving the best results through negotiation. This is our bread and butter, and and we will get you the best deal possible.


Contract Agreement

its almost yours

Once we mutually decide on the price and terms of sale, we can make an official offer and tie the property in to you. During this contract period, we will assist you with arranging all inspections and documents to make it a smooth process.



Pop the Champagne

After an smooth and easy transition, you have your dream home at an affordable price. Success!

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